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SPECIAL REPORT: Carolyn Rose Goyda (Save House Update)
September 21, 2017 09:00 AM PDT
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Bringing to you, once again, all the latest updates, we manage to catch up to speed with former Jefferson City, Missouri resident, and targeted individual, Carolyn Rose Goyda.




A long time animal welfare, PEDOGATE, & veterans rights activist, Carolyn was targeted by local corrupt city politicians last year in a dramatic SWATTING which left her traumatized, homeless, & humiliated.

Over the course of our information packed 75 minute exclusive, we present to you all the latest and most pressing details surrounding a case which can only be described as disturbing, sinister and bizarre.

Topics covered include exposing how AmeriKa's corrupt city councils routinely exploit "dirty tricks" municipal ordinances to suppress your rights, SWATTING, Habitat For Humanity, targeted individuals, state sponsored animal cruelty, Operation Mockingbird, & the peculiar intersection between old school politics and systemic pedophilia.

Help to SPREAD the word & save Carolyn's historic "Solutions Sanctuary" HEMP plantation from destruction!

Operation Earth Angel


Episode #72 - Aage Nost Returns!
September 21, 2017 10:17 AM PDT
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Retired Commercial Airline Pilot, Radio Host, Author, & long time UFO researcher. Prepare 2 take a walk on the WEIRD side, as we welcome yet another former 2016 guest back to the show this week.



Universal Consciousness Show
reversing aging process, show outline, overview, format

16min - Aage's legal woes, 4 years writing & relaxing @ an Arizona "resort"

19min - Consciousness download, reminiscent of former guest Grant Cameron


22min - Aage's future prophecy & prediction

Carolyn Rose Goyda - Orwell's controlling the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE

40min - Schrodinger's CAT ( Paradox )
Quantum physics & consciousness, TIME as a physical construct, ONE single eternal moment, Power of emptiness, SPACE, silence

44min - TRUMP in Afghanistan
Lyndon LaRouche


47min - Soundcloud download option, NO digital library archives, pet peeves

50min - Inventor Joseph Newman RIP
55min - BIG MONEY & the phony war on "some" "drugs" WEED, CANCER, suppression of cures, solutions, remedies


57min - Radionics

1hr - Compulsory spraying of pesticides, Joe Emanon claims DARPA theft & intimidation while in University

1hr2min - Hypnosis, Manchurian Candidate, Derren Brown's "Assassin" Episode


1hr10min - Candy Jones, Long John Nebel

1hr12min - Corey Goode & The Secret Space Program, revelations via "White Hat" HACKER Gary McKinnon


1hr14min - Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works on "BLACK" Projects

1hr15min - Operation Paperclip NAZIS, CIA, Congressional funding

1hr20min - Antarctica Mysteries, Past History & Predictions

1hr23min - Spiritual Science
1hr26min - Post Sept 11th Prison Planet

Non-duality, ONE mind

1hr30 - Art Bell RAIN creation though experiment, coincidence or MAGIC & Miracle? The MASTERMIND principle



Website & contact information

Episode #71 - ELVIS 40th Anniversary
August 27, 2017 03:19 AM PDT
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Japhy sails solo


Circumstances / details re: his death, birth


11min - Captain Marvel Jr, inspiring Superhero cape, costumes & jumpsuits

Elvis in the military

15min - Elvis, Sinatra, and the Beatles


19min - The King's view of pills & "drugs"

25min - Ship's library containing close to 25 books dealing with ELVIS, many other subjects as well

Supernatural events surrounding death? Mystical, esoteric Elvis

ELVIS the undercover DEA / FBI "special agent" NARC

35min - 2 degrees of ELVIS
37min - ELVIS: WHAT HAPPENED ?????

41min - Movie career, Tuesday Weld, man of excess

44min - 68' Comeback Special
46min - A Star Is Born, Dirty Harry
48min - Willie In Memphis

50min - Obsession w/ DEATH

The mystery of Colonel Parker's origins, impact on Presley's int'l career


59min - "Scatter" the chimp

1hr - Michael Jackson vs. ELVIS
1hr2min - The Beatles meet Elvis


1hr13min - The Perugia Way residence, UFOS, parties and 2 way mirrors

Superstition, Memories

1hr18min - Music & songwriting, 1973's "Aloha" from Hawaii

1hr21min - The CHURCH of Elvis, impersonators, Andy Kaufman LIVES!

Love for Christmas & PRANKS, Operation Secret Santa 2017 #OSS

1hr23min - Charged $30 to enter Graceland? Karate & Korea, Captain "Long John" Sinclair

1hr30min - an update from Pirate Joe Emanon

1hr32min - DPRK, Joe Rogan, Pauly Shore, Dennis Rodman

Looking to have your voice heard? Got a story you think the world needs to know more about? Something the MSM has largely ignored? Politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle & the paranormal; pretty much ANYTHING goes. The more fascinating, pressing, & intriguing the better.

Yaaarrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh !!!!!

Calling ALL CREATIVE web, merch, marketing, engineering, promo, blogging, ART, podcasters & virtual crypto currency network developers; plus ANY random number of OTHER potentially valuable applicable and instrumental skill sets.

Only 3-4 hours per month of dedicated volunteer investment time to become part of PRPN's core crew of BOLD BOOTY buckos

Together, we're making the DREAM come alive .....





Episode #70 - Margo Mateas
August 20, 2017 04:30 AM PDT
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Hailing from Laguna Hills, California, we’re joined this week by author and angel on assignment: Margo Mateas


BIG thanks 2 "BOOKER" Carol Sloan

Star Trek fan (TOS)


Live "CALL in" readings the last 30 minutes of the show

13min - Childhood reflections, VISIONS, banishing demons

16min - Astral travel, TWINS, Tibetan Dream Yoga

19min - Psychic voyeurism, manifestation of SMELL / scent

21min - June 2017 Course Package - 12 Keys Supernatural Powers

29min - "Miraculous" $10,000 grassroots, Career Card sales campaign
A Facebook Meme from JESUS

45min - Trump's WAR on pedophiles?
47min - ZUYA !!!!! "Zip Up Your Aura"

50min - Nanotech archons & mind parasite "builders"

1hr - Sudden levitation, witnessed by wife

1hr1min - Spiritual discernment & wisdom

1hr3min - Angelic Miracles? supernatural intervention

1hr5min - Margo's surreal mountain climbing experience

1hr7min - Japhy gets a reading
More comprehensive:

Getrealanswers.com OR freedbythelight.com

Brian Murphy & Bathtub Jenn

1hr14min - Shoutout to Carol Sloan
1hr17min - EUDAIMONIA ( the good demon within ), humans as spiritual vessels
"You are what you EAT." samSKARa

1hr23min - Alcohol as "SPIRITS", psychopaths



Episode #38 - Bellgab.com's Michael Vandeven
November 06, 2016 07:28 PM PST
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"Pass me a DEAD FISH!" Bellgab.com founder Michael Vandeven
to Pirate Radio Podcasts, Friday November 4th, 2016


It's Michael "VAN"-deven #facepalm

5min - Pirate internet radio stream playing Art Bell shows 24/7
RADIO WARS w/ Leo Ashcraft

9min - "Pass me a DEAD FISH!"

10min - Watching a major TRAIN WRECK in slow motion

19min - @BrigDenholm, WHERE the HELL is Joshua Chaires?


Episode#5 https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/space-pirate-radio/episodes/2016-02-06T07_30_44-08_00

21min - Satellite's Done, content is cheap, podcasts

35min - Howard Stern as today's Ross Buckingham?

37min - WTF with Marc Maron, quasi-cult leader MV

39min - Godlike Productions - George Noory sucks?

45min - Michael interviews Art (February 4, 2016)

54min - Bellgab's "Starmountain" joins us in a highly confused, jingle-jangled state
58min - Pirate Larry LIVES !!!!!

1hr - Pirate Larry in the crowsnest, and "Keeping Portland Weird" with underground tunnels and getting Shanghaied


1hr6min - New MITD host Heather Wayde? aka Bell Gab's #REDACTED
"Honest" radio. Amy Martin


1hr12min - Professional #paranoia, phone sex operations

1hr15min - #WICCA
1hr19min - MINDS.com

1hr20min - Very little social media for Michael other than

1hr25min - Art's pragmatic vs. paranormal show content
1hr28min - More on podcasting

1hr31min - Bellahaven with Nancy Birnes, Future Theater Radio #FTR, Angel Espino http://bella-haven.com/ http://www.futuretheater.com/

Episode#34 https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/space-pirate-radio/episodes/2016-10-09T08_56_42-07_00

1hr38min - George Senda aka FALKIE, aka "The Guy from Pittsburg", Curtis Thornton aka "The Mud King" https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bellgab+falkie+guy+from+pittsburg

1hr45min - Websites & wrap-up

#Friday 8 PM PST - #Vancouver, #LA, #Seattle
#Saturday 12 PM NOON - #Tokyo and #Seoul, 5 AM #Amsterdam #Barcelona

#LIVE #STREAMING http://tunein.com/user/pirate1radio/

Looking to have your voice heard? Got a story you think the world needs to know more about? Something the #MSM has largely ignored? Politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle & the paranormal; pretty much ANYTHING goes. The more fascinating, pressing, & intriguing the better.

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Episode #68 - FUKUSHIMA LEGACY (w/ Yoh Kawanaka)
July 30, 2017 04:53 PM PDT
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FRIDAY, JULY 7th – Episode #68
FUKUSHIMA LEGACY (w/ Yoh Kawanaka)

We revisit the Fukushima legacy this week, in timely fashion; hashing over all the latest regarding current related issues, as well as the disaster's lasting widespread long-term impact.

Our Guest, "engaged" citizen Yok Kawanaka, is a Paris based Japanese expat, and nuclear disaster refugee.


Japan's "secrecy" & anti-conspiracy "laws"

10min - RISING radiation levels? worsening conditions? BIGGER than Chernobyl
12min - US Secretary of State Clinton magically "shifting" the radiation GOAL POST safety standards

Victims deprived of support, gov't cuts AID, cancer levels, rates?

19min - Anti-conspiracy laws in France

21min - Clean-up solutions, Yakuza recruits, HEMP
28min - What's MORE "political" than SILENCE / CENSORSHIP?

29min - YOH's Japanese Pirate story, South Sudan, PTSD, new, 21st century, more aggressive military stance, NEW show topic?

32min - Tokyo City Hall censoring / forbidding ALL "PEACE" themed art
34min - Indie journalism, the 5th Estate, & FACT checking

37min - A friend inside Japan's NHK, the Asia Institute's Emanuel Pastreich

43min - South Korea's BIG "FREE" media, better, more OPEN than Japan?
45min - Fukushima's original design & development, DOOMED from the start
46min - Korean gov't "quietly" easing restrictions on Japan's radiated imports

54min - DUMPING highly contaminated radioactive waste directly into ocean, Crimes Against Humanity

1hr8min - The Asia Institute's Emanuel Pastreich, mea culpa, plus "SORRY" 2 Japhy for "Mysterious", inexplicable Facebook group BANNING

1hr15min - The GHOSTS of Fukushima
1hr17min - Animal welfare activist Nayoto Matsumura, last person left in Tomioka, THE ZONE ( Documentary )

1hr26min - Scalar weaponry? Jim Stone & TESLA technology, mini-nukes, triggering earthquakes, criticism of Israel & the STUXNET virus

Feel FREE to share your thoughts in the LIVE streaming YOU-TUBE CHAT area, or call in directly via #SKYPE as we streaming this information packed PRE-recorded interview.

Friday Night - 8 PM PST #LA, #Vancouver, #Seattle, #BAJA
11 PM EST #NYC, #Chicago, #Miami

Saturdays - 12 PM NOON, #Tokyo & #Seoul




#LIVE #STREAMING http://tunein.com/user/pirate1radio

Behind the scenes (Rogues Gallery) #AFTERSHOW to follow the conclusion of tonight's presentation.

Looking to have your voice heard? Got a story you think the world needs to know more about? Something the #MSM has largely ignored? Politics, religion, pop culture, health, activism, lifestyle & the paranormal; pretty much ANYTHING goes. The more fascinating, pressing, & intriguing the better.

Yaaarrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh !!!!!

Calling ALL #CREATIVE #web, #merch, #marketing, #engineering, #promo, #blogging, #ART, #podcasters & #virtual #crypto #currency #network #developers; plus ANY random number of OTHER potentially #valuable applicable and #instrumental skill sets.

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#Copyright #Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as #criticism, #comment, #news #reporting, #teaching, #scholarship, and #research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

Episode #67 - Americanuck Radio
July 19, 2017 06:35 PM PDT
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INTRO / Minds.com

1867 - 150 years of Canada as a Confederacy

Queens & Popes, Canada as a Constitutional monarchy, US War Of Independence

12min - Western separatism / independence

History of Americanuck Radio & Mike
FIRE YOUR MD NOW! Dr. Peter Glidden, "Super" Don Naylor

REBEL MEDIA - showdown w/ Pro Monarchist "Rebel YELL" Host David MENZOID Menzies

27min - Sun Media loses licensing via CRTC ruling, Ezra Levant

29min - State intrusiveness re: INTERNET

32min - M-103 "Islamaphobia" vs. Islamic EDUCATION / AWARENESS, anti - "semit" ism anyone?

35min - TELEVALIUM vs the INTERNET, autonomy

36min - Foreign Aid
38min - Constitutional change, RE-form, Canadian 2nd Amendment, High River Alta, RCMP gun grab, "rigged" 2 party system

44min - Sept 11th, NEOCON CRUSADES
Sept 11th, Necons. PNAC. Kalergi Plan, Albert Pike, geopolitics, Hegelian dialectics, Freemasonry "NOT" a RELIGION? #lulz

52min - Turdeau supporters, the NEW Kanada, broken promises, BS WEED "laws" across the world, a GOD GIVEN plant held in chains

54min - WEED in Korea - DPRK vs. ROK #lulz

57min - Japhy LOCKED OUT of Facebook's "Asia Institute" - NO "offiCIAl" reason given other than "SORRY."

59min - Ottawa's "FLIN FLON" Manitoba's "pot grow" fiasco

1hr1min - The Rumble in Berkley, Kekistan

1hr4min - #TWOH https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/463143981115518983/activity
#FSD Full Spectrum Dominance

1hr7min - Western separatist (INDEPENDENCE) movement

1hr9min - Mel Hurtig's NATIONAL Party ( early 1990's ), The SPY Game

1hr12min - Proportional Representation, electoral REFORM

1hr14min - Canada's Libertarian Party

1hr17min - Thomas Jefferson & The Barbary Coast, Americanuck Radio contact info

1hr20min - REBEL MEDIA and Faith Goldy reporting on issues with Muslim immigrants

1hr22min - Kevin J. Johnson & the infamous ANTIFA attack !!!!!

1hr25min - Captain Sinclair

1hr30min - Kid Kolman's 51st State (A Patriot's Lament)

Episode #66 - SatoriD (The Infinite Imaginarium, & BEYOND)
July 03, 2017 02:49 PM PDT
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Infinite Imaginarium (MINDS)


Psychedelic Sundays https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/629234187798323217/activity

EMAIL: infiniteimaginarium@protonmail.com


Cartman from England - 4 AM in England; DOES manage to make the 2nd hr. of the Rogues Gallery "PREMIUM" content aftershow ( PATERON supporters only )

Missynomer69 (San Francisco) struck down with a wee bit of scurvy?

5min - Korinne Wilson aka Occult Priestess

Origins of SatoriD handle
tuning in to Daniel's "secret sauce" "LO-FI" Hip Hop You-Tube channel

10min - Earlier MINDS show, @Mindsgaming, Daniel getting #COCKBLOCKED, thoughts on Douglas Rushkoff

14min - Where is SYNEREO these days?

15min - Crowdfunding, MINDS.com - MILLION dollars "plus"?, recent layout change, presentation, window dressing. "tweaks" ..... will @Ottman make a reappearance on the Robin Hood?

17min - AWOL Aaron & the origins of Pirate Radio Podcasts™, archive website


19min - Daniel's BACKSTORY meeting Japhy - BLAB.im (SUCKS) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/519371383315116032/activity

Creative energy, SYNERGY, Sailing out on the "HIGH" Digital Seas .....

25min - Pablo Novi from Mexico City drops by, along with Bath Tub Jenn, and upcoming JULY GUESTS - Todd Jackson & Americanuck Radio Host (Mike Filip)

Upcoming Psychedelic & Shamanist show courtesy of Bo Keeley

28min - "Trickster" Daniel? RAW, "Maybe" Logic, 23 Enigma, reality tunnels

32min - Toltec dreaming, Jungian analysis, collective unconscious

38min - God Hop Saw rock ? female rap artist

For SatoriD : SA ROC / God Hop (Starseed)


LA club scene, EAST LA's PUNK ROCK scene

40min - "FREE" Ayahuasca Question
Session - On Sunday


42min - Episode #65 with Aurora - https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/space-pirate-radio/episodes/2017-06-24T01_51_57-07_00



43min - Pateron "TIP JAR" https://www.patreon.com/WPRPN

45min - WPRPN network URL subdomains

52min - Infinite Imaginarium as a "virtual" creative space, Andy Warhol's "FACTORY", LUMIO - collaborative app, HIVE MIND?

56min - Faking it til' you make it, psychic vampires

59min - Psychedelic Sundays https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/629234187798323217/activity

1hr3min - @SatoriD launches Pirate Radio Network Channel via MINDS.com, "legalizing" nature https://www.minds.com/pirateradionetwork

1hr6min - Tree planting with Japhy, government: literally as "mind control"

1hr12min - Facebook selling users private details / comments, digital trafficking, program of BE "programmed", Minds uploading issues

1hr15min - Dealing w/ the Facebook KRAKEN, sharing content via MINDS.com (FREE network/platform promotion) #FUBAR

1hr19min - Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts, beware the "CULT" of personality, Leary as a CIA agent, Douglas Rushkoff

1hr24min - Adam Gorightly
1hr27min - GURUS & TED Talks

1hr29min - International YOGA Day courtesy of the UN, Sahd Guru?, Lucifer Trust, Ba'hai, history of Satan vs. Lucifer, Mark Passio, NWO

1hr31min - HIVE MIND

1hr33min - Rodman in the DPRK, POTCOIN & Trump's "The Art of The Deal."


Blockchain BIAS ( Whales ), Ethereum fork

1hr35min - Seth Rogen taken out with ONE SHOT in our historic Twitter War, Smart contracts


1hr40 - Minds Coin stalled?, Pirate CRYPTO coin, David Allen Zimbeck, LUMIO transparency

1hr42min - "Gaming" the system, Wall Street mentality w/ hookers & blow

1hr44min - SYNERGY as the operative word for the day, Infinite Imaginarium's central 3 pronged vision - "Connect, Collaborate, Create"

1hr46min - WPRPN "creative" art catalogue, artist design licensing agreement, commission

1hr50min - Closing remarks, web URLS

Episode #65 - Aurora (Flying Rainbow Lasagne)
June 24, 2017 01:51 AM PDT
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"i do a dance called the Flying Rainbow Lasagne."

Take a trip on the WEIRD side, as we discuss the Birth Of A New Dimension w/ WALK IN & FRL founder - Aurora




INTRO - Aurora's "Rainbow" Booty
Korinne Wilson aka Occult Priestess in the Crowsnest


7min - Aurora in Woodstock, medical cannabis (MARIJUANA), Dennis Rodman presently working a little "doobie" diplomacy in the DPRK, #POTCOIN


11min - Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Korinne's "Rainbow" visions

14min - Meeting for coffee in LA, serendipity

15min - Rainbow promise / covenant

16min - TAURAL shaped auras? human energy fields

20min - Signs of the ZODIAC, sexual reproductive imagery

21min - Archon RAPE, metaphysics, genetic invaders, 10-20,000 years ago, ANTE-deluvian age, telepathy

23min - Seeing the FUTURE, the "Crown" Chakra INNER EYE, navigating the "VOTEX" shaped TIME field, archons living on the membrane, cosmic MIND parasites, social institutions

24min - Language is a VIRUS
26min - Aurora's 2001 Backstory, techno-Satanic "space race" attack

28min - DARK MAGICK, NOT a "HIVE" mind, jazz band

30min - Unconditional love & freedom for everyone, Flying Rainbow Lasagne = OPEN SOURCE shape, design

33min - Alternative lasagn"E" spelling
35min - 18 hour long EPIC transformation, ANOXIC brain injury, kerosene heater

39min - Amazing results w/ CBD, FINALLY now in the ROK?, HYPOXIA, Astral Healing?

42min - Aurora's former identity - "DEBBIE"

45min - Astro Luna Chick, Korinne's astrologer from Woodstock NY

46min - Korrine's BIZARRE kundalini experience. "All things must pass." George Harrison

48min - Kayne West plagarizing Nietzsche #STRONGER, FRL Dance as a planetary solution

50min - Claims of active suppression, "NOT by accident." DARK MAGICK

51min - Whirling Dervishes
53min - "Erasing" problems merely by "thinking" them away ( thanks to the profoundly magical power of the FRL )

54min - Tardagrades aka Woolie Bears? lateral gene transfer? DJ MASHUP

57min - Empirical science working only within the realm of TIME & SPACE, unable to deal w/ consciousness ( NON "quantifiable" )

58min - Korrine on "INNER" success, spiritual growth

1hr - Regular listener KARLA is actually interested & AWAKE! "Actually enjoying the show, unreal!", according to @Maripia - Sungazing, the best way to decalcify the pineal gland
The SECRET ????? Distorted FUNHOUSE, timefield, convex, concave mirrors, KARMA, DARK MAGICK

1hr2min - Schrodinger's cat
1hr4min - Personally responsbile for world's woes, problems, injustices? Glyphosate, ROUNDUP. collective vs. personal responsbility

1hr8min - Sword of Wisdom

1hr10min - FLR unique hyper-teserac (sic?) shape / form, taurus, HYPER taurus, NOT trademarked, open-sourced code

1hr12min - Cathy from ISS ( Inner Space Ship ); Carol Sloane SCORES "co-producer" credits

1hr13min - UFOS & ETS?
Aurora the Galactic Ambassador

1hr18min - Homepage, podcast, & art details
Lessons 4 "Full Spectrum" humans, Birth of A New Dimension, UCY TV, "Lasagnefy Yourself!"




1hr20min - Spoof Religions? "i'm NOT spoofing @ all!" lighthearted, funland, Alan Watts' "Joyous Cosmology", en-LIGHT-en-ment, "All Things Must Pass" George Harrison


1hr24min - Korrine reports from the Crowsnest on Princess Aurora's "PINK Magic" and BATMAN, Corey Goode & the Blue Avians

Episode #64 - UFO Political Prisoner (FREE JOHN FORD)
June 18, 2017 04:46 AM PDT
itunes pic

"A total cut n' paste job, to set John up & FRAME him."

"It's DANGEROUS to be RIGHT, when the government is WRONG."




This week we revisit the John Ford UFO Political Prisoner case, with a 2017 round-table

From the ARCHIVES - June 2016 Round-table: Episode #21







INTRO - MAJOR tech issues, comedy of errors, active hostile interference?

Marilyn Carlson on an Alaskan cruise, Richard Smith tied up @ work, Peter Moon a rather "mysterious" no-show.

The one & only Joseph Zuppardo answers the call .....


6min - Charges of active SABOTAGE, Inception Radio Network's (IRN) MONTHLY "FREE JOHN FORD" Round-table, illegal incarceration, June 6th D-Day, "FREEDOM" from TYRANNY Anniversary



8min - Joseph Zuppardo as John's "Power of Attorney"

10min - LIUFON, political insiders suspected of framing & scapegoating Ford, regional media ownership, MIND CONTROL, swaying of public opinion, shaping REALITY, DIS-information, plotting to commit murder via RADIUM ORE

13min - Mid-Hudson "forensic" psychiatric institute (originally 4 the CRIMINALLY INSANE), LSD fueled insanity plea, fear of losing his state pension, bait & switch

14min - Original "court appointed" attorney John Rouse rewarded w/ judgeship, later arrested & charged with criminal activity

18min - Ward of the state, entered plea "guilty" (by reason of INSANITY), successfully challenging the retention order, once every TWO years

20min - Ford's pristine & immaculately CLEAN legal record

22min - Ambulance chasing - (322) "Skull & Bones" legal representative, "criminal defense" attorney Robert Reno; promising the "TRIAL OF THE CENTURY", ends in a total "NO SHOW" BETRAYAL

Presidential pardon?

24min - Ford arrested via an illegal warrant, widespread FLAGRANT tampering, modification & manufacturing of evidence, denied right to a writ of Habeus Corpus ( SHOW ME THE MAN! ), duped, suckered

27min - Enter 2nd (Joseph Mazzachelli) & 3rd murder plot "suspect" Edward ZEBO's; "Wild-Eyed" look in the newspapers

Prosecution tries to bait / entice / LURE Mazzachelli into testifying against John in return for immunity, he REFUSES! Convicted (WITHOUT a trial) to 12 years in prison

30min - Joe Zuppardo's HISTORIC "You-Tube" archives, local Long Island cable coverage https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZrKIqKTQIqN-TAkAbuo6uA

32min - Joe Mazzachelli convinces Ford of an "imaginary" MOSSAD run UFO intel operation, Ford out on disability, mother dies, Ford orders ( completely non-lethal ) RADIUM to balance gygo-counters, standard UFOLOGIST item

41min - Don Ecker in possession of CRASH site photos & video? Mazzachelli beaten after borrowing John's truck

44min - Elaine Douglas (RIP), John's epic hand-written 80 page "Press Release", NO mainstream press touched it, a Ford / Douglas romance?

47min - Possession of "SMOKING GUN" "murder conspiracy" tapes NEVER have surfaced, COMPLETELY BASELESS, FABRICATED allegations, suppression of evidence, November trial cancelled @ the last minute, DA's "dirty trick" procedural request GRANTED

49min - BREXIT - "Sorry, that wasn't quite the outcome we were looking for. Let's try it again ....."

50min - Even IF decision made to FREE Mr. Ford, he'll STILL be required to serve additional TIME? 5-8 years? FTW? #AmeriKa


52min - Petitioning a jury, James Hydrick

54min - Suffolk County, New York: one of the the MOST CORRUPT places in AmeriKa

57min - Stalin's Russia & modern psychiatric industry / system in AmeriKa, targeting political agitators


58min - Colon cancer in remission, medical issues, highly questionable care, BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, living conditions

1hr1min - Pro Bono - e.g. Daniel Sheehan? CRICKETS


1hr3min - Ford's smooth talking "Philadelphia" lawyer, Reno confidently proclaims the "TRIAL OF THE CENTURY." Subsequently FAILS to show up, OR even contact Ford! Only the deafening sounds of silence

1hr04min - "EXPERT" Professor Of Law files 5 minutes late via FAX, whoops! John gets "mistakenly" SCREWED again

1hr07min - Captain "Long John" Sinclair reportedly irks the Suffolk County establishment (#lulz), institutional sociopathy, cognitive dissonance; Doctors fear of "walking" the Robin Hood's gangplank, feeling supporters pose a "significant threat" to their safety & well-being .......

John purportedly "written up" as a result of an Episode #21 comment


1hr10min - Police raid John's house JUNE 12th (warrant later issued, dated June 14th), tampered recordings revealed, accusations of Ford wanting to murder local politicians "b/c of UFOS" #facepalm

1hr16min - Cable News Reporter lets the CAT out of the BAG! John (HEAD OF THE CONSPIRACY) Powell's Digitalis Solution, there were TWO apparent crashes?


1hr18min - Don Ecker in possession of South Haven CRASH photos & video?

1hr19min - MUFON "oddly" SILENT, completely "UN" supportive, Facebook's Issac Koi

1hr21min - John's psychiatrist Dr. GRIEF (how appropriate)
1hr23min - Preston Nichols ill, longtime friend & Montauk expert, persecuted & targeted, driven OUT of Suffolk County, "coincidence" "theories"

1hr26min - 3rd suspect, "Wild-Eyed" Grummond employee FALSELY rumoured to be in possession of grenades

Brook (CROOK) Haven

ALL the TOP conspirators eventually outed as CROOKS, convicted or DEAD - Councilman Towel (later ratting out co-conspirator "friends"), Suffolk County GOP John Powell head, Anthony Gazolla - incurably corrupt code enforcement chief, region's heavily BIASED "insider" media ownership

1hr29min - Top story 4 weeks, until the downing of flight 800 on June 12th, sudden shift in media focus

1hr30min - Brookhaven "Radium" experts and analysts speaking @ DA Catterson's PRESS conference

1hr31min - FRAMING John Ford, OPENLY PLANTING radium in truck, witnessed (and recorded) by PRESS, RADIUM NOT listed in ILLEGAL warrant (signed TWO days AFTER Ford arrested)

Prosecution (CATTERSON) presently FALSE evidence, mistake, or intentional? Many of the FIREARMS shown on TV NOT the ones "legally" owned by Ford

1hr34min - Charges of Ford & Mazzachelli, together staking out Powell's house for TWO days - if true, WHY was he not arrested on the scene?

1hr36min - OUTRO w/ KEY links etc .....


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